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A Guide on How to Tell How Many Layers Of Shingles Are On Your Roof

The material used may be different, but it is the primary base of protection against the elements of nature.

The roof shingles are easier to install. Each joint of the shingle has to overlap the other shingle. The rain and snow flow down the roof from shingle to shingle. Then it is directed towards the drain.

How to Tell How Many Layers OfShingles Are On Your Roof?

The easiest way to tell how many layers of shingles are on your roof is to climb up a ladder and examine the edges. Usually, your roof will have a base of shingles and then another layer of shingles above it. In contrast, a roof with many layers can easily be seen under the top shingles from the edges.

In addition to this, if you look at your roof, multiple layers of shingles will likely make your roof look lumpy.Also, near the vents or chimney will look like the shingles have a noticeable waviness.

Many Layers Of Shingles

Functions of Shingles

Apart from giving an aesthetic touch to the house, shingles have a far more practical function. The overlapping structure of the shingles plays a significant role in the protection of the home from rain, hail, and snow. The structure should distribute the weight evenly so that there is balance and the home's structure is not damaged.However, if the water gets under the shingles, a roofing company must be contacted to minimize the long-term damage.



Shingles and Utilities

Roof shingles come in a variety of different materials and designs. They have different insulation, tensile strength, and energy distribution. The house owner must carefully choose the appropriate material for the area and the climate they reside.

If you live in an area with a hot climate, you should choose shingles of lighter colors since it reflects off heat. On the other hand, darker roof shingles will absorb more light; hence, they are perfect for cold climatic areas.


How Many Layers Should There Be?

Typically the old and traditional homes have 1 layer of shingles. The perfect way to know how many layers you need is to contact a professional roofing contractor who can give you the best advice and inspect your property.

Many Layers

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