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Defense Home & Roofing LLC, Nautico Drive in San Antonio, TX

Our business Defense Home & Roofing LLC, is located on Nautico Drive in San Antonio, TX, also known as Military City USA. There are many adventurous spots near our location that are rich in history and booming with culture. Below we have put together our favorite places with some quick information about these local treasures. We hope you find these helpful!  

Far West Side, San Antonio is a broad area that covers several residential suburbs and attracts the curiosity of world travelers from all over. The Govt Canyon State Natural Area has campsites, ranger programs, and hiking; don't forget the biking trails! Families that come to the San Antonio Aquarium love to participate in various interactive exhibits. Feed sharks, touching the octopuses, and holding snakes are just a few on the list.

SeaWorld San Antonio: Offers Marine life shows, roller coasters, aquariums & up-close encounters with dolphins, penguins, and more.
Wave Breaker-The Rescue Coaster is a rollercoaster with two launches at SeaWorld San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas.
Location: 17 minutes from our location.

The Alamo: Is a small piece of Texas history; this is a shrine-like fortress kept preserved for the heroes that fell during the1836 battle. There are several attractions including a museum, artifacts, gardens & more.
Location: 23 minutes from our location.

San Antonio River Walk: This is an iconic area surrounded by beautiful walkways, a river, bridges, bars & cafes, and several restaurants.
Location: 22 minutes from our location.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Is a bustling amusement park chain that has fun-filled activities like roller coasters, children's rides, live shows, a water park, not to mention food & beer!
Location: 19 minutes from our location. 

Government Canyon State Natural Area: A magnificent natural region is located just outside of San Antonio. Water is a valuable resource that is preserved and safeguarded in this area.
Location: 22 minutes from our location. 

Texas Stingray: Adventure awaits on the all-new Texas Stingray, the state's Highest, Fastest, and LONGEST wooden rollercoaster.
Location: 13 minutes from our location. 

San Antonio Aquarium: This small but interactive aquarium offers touch tanks, feeding fish, and a fun-filled day in the large playable area.
Location: 12 minutes
from our location. 

Historic Market Square: A marketplace that boasts almost 100 shops over three blocks offering apparel, handcrafts &food galore.
Location: 12 minutes from our location. 

San Fernando Cathedral: This beautiful building is a Historic 1738 church that was occupied by General Santa Ana & the site of hero Jim Bowie's.
Location: 20 minutes
from our location.

La Villita Historic Arts Village: A Square-block enclave of art galleries & shops & it is located on the National Registry of Historic Districts.
Location: 21 minutes
from our location.

The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum: A fantastic Old West-themed gift store with stocks cowboy hats, T-shirts, Bowie knives& other sundries.
Location: 24 minutes from our location.

Briscoe Western Art Museum: A magnificent Art Gallery which exhibits beautiful modern artifacts showing the history & culture of Western American people.
Location: 24 minutes
from our location.

ArtPlace San Antonio: Works by local, regional& international contemporary artists in a sleek space that contains rooftop views of San Antonio, TX.
Location: 19 minutes
from our location.

Blue Star Contemporary: This is a Veteran institution & it showcases local & regional contemporary artists in an airy, industrial space.
Location: 19 minutes from San Antonio International Airport.

Rogers & Westover Hills:
Location: 5 minutes
from our location 

Westover Hills & Hwy.151 W. (FS):
Location: 7 minutes
from our location 

Rogers & Hyatt Resort Dr.:
Location: 12 minutes
from our location.  

Westover Hills & Hwy 151: (FS)
Distance 12 min from our company.


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