Shingle Roofing

Metal Roofing

Our Process

step one

Damage Identification

Our goal is to find all storm damage around your home. We will do a detailed inspection of the outside of the dwelling looking for hail or wind damage. Our process is-

- Examine the exterior of the residence to look for any damages caused by wind or hailstorm. We will be looking at your AC unit, siding, windows, trim, shed, pool, fence, etc.
- Once the exterior of the dwelling is inspected, we will inspect the roof for damage. We will be looking for wind damage such as nail pull through, hail damage, and examining the age and lifetime of the shingles.
- Our final step is if we believe there may be leaks inside the home we inspect the attic to track the source of the problem.

Step two

Walk through the findings with the homeowner/s

After we identified the damage, our team will share with you the pictures and videos of the damage and explain their findings. You will later receive a detailed report including pictures, videos, and solutions. Our goal is to work through all viable solutions to find the best cost-effective resolution for the homeowner.

Step three

Final Report

The homeowner will receive an official comprehensive report, providing a detailed account of the findings and viable solutions. This report will give the homeowner reliable and cost-effective options to help them make an informed decision to repair the damage.