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What Happens If It Rains During the Roof Installation?

What Happens If It Rains During the Roof Installation?
What Happens If It Rains During the Roof Installation?

Rainfall is an act of God that we have no control over. However, Defense Home & Roofing takes all the necessary steps to protect your roof during installation. 

The roofers are fully prepared for uncertain conditions such as rainfall or high winds. If, for instance, the rainfall is heavy, then the roof is appropriately tapered. However, if it is just a shower of rain, the roofers climb down and wait for the weather to get better before continuing their work the next day.

What If Roofing Materials Get Wet 

You may experience rainfall before your installation, causing the roofing material to get wet before the installation. The roofing material sent before the installation will be appropriately packaged. However, some of the material may not be fully sealed. Try not to stress over the roofing material being ruined; the materials can be used even if it is a little damp. Even a day-long storm won't damage your materials. However, if the material is exposed to wet weather for a significant time, you may need to consult the roofing company. 

How To Protect Roofing Material 

You spend a lot of money on the roofing material, so you will want to ensure that it is kept safe before the installation.

It is best to keep them in a storage shed or garage. Leaving the materials exposed to wet weather conditions or hot weather conditions may cause a lot of damage. 

To avoid any inconvenience, it is suggested to put them under shade. You can speak with the roofing contractor to ensure that the material is not compromised.

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Problems of Roofing While Raining

To install a roof during a heavy downpour is not practical, and it is certainly inadvisable. The roof is the highest point of your house; it may be dangerous for the roofers to install new shingles with wet and slippery materials. 

Most important is the safety of our team. The install crew is at risk of being struck by lightning while working at such a height. Some of the equipment, such as nails, are made of metal which can attract lightning and cause serious injuries.

In addition to this, the durability of your roofing material can be affected. You may hope to save both money and time while continuing the work during poor weather, but it can cause many problems ahead in the future. 

The shingles have an adhesive for sticking; if there is dampness under the shingles, their longevity may be affected. The water may also get under the shingles and cause rotting. You may not notice the internal damage for months, but it can be hazardous. Furthermore, your manufactures warranty may also be at risk. Thank you for trusting Defense Home & Roofing with your roofing needs; don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns.

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