Roof Replacement

Wondering about a roof replacement?

Roof Replacement

Upgrading your roof with a new shingle roof will drastically improve the aesthetic appearance of your home while also providing years of weather protection to your investment. Our customers receive a product offering, shingle customizability, ideal-fitting setup, and post-installation service contracts if you're planning a new roofing system for your residence, all backed by the knowledge and experience of one of San Antonio's leading roofing companies.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Roof?

The mean costs of roof replacement are roughly $11,050 all through the United States, but costs can fluctuate from $7,351 to $50,829, depending on the size and dimensions of the roof.

Commercial roofing firms and residential roofing companies consider various factors when determining the cost of a complete roof replacement. For example, we take into account the dimensions, accessibility, material prices, and pitch. 

The materials used for a new roof is the most significant cost factor. Roofing contractors estimate the size per square foot of roofing using a "square" formula. A 10-by-10-foot or 100-square-foot area is roughly comparable to a roofing square. Roofing materials range in price from two hundred dollars per sq. to one thousand per sq., contingent on the roofing type. If a homeowner chooses a top-notch roofing system, the new roof installation process or roof replacement will be more costly. To learn more about roof replacement methods, and to see if this is the best choice for your home, give us a call. Learn more about best roofing contractor in San Antonio