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24-year Air Force veteran and business owner Jamie Lowe combined her knowledge and skills from the military with her desire to help others and became a realtor. She prides herself on being knowledgeable, understanding that knowledge is power,the more you learn, the better you become at your job and the more people you can help. Jamie walks her customers through every step of the buying process,from finding the perfect home that fits the family’s needs to securing affordable financing. As well as the selling process, from capturing the unique qualities of the home and listing it on the market with the homeowner’s best interest in mind. Jamie finds that honesty, treating her clients as her own family, and placing their needs above hers is the best practice and the foundation of a successful business.

TSgt Jamie Lowe

Recently Jamie was working with new clients. Her clients had been contracted out for a new build. The clients had decided on the perfect lot for their home. As they were preparing to secure the lot another buyer secured that same lot just a head of them. Jamie went above and beyond by driving out and finding a lot that was just as suitable as the first lot. However, there was a waiting period before anymore lots could be contracted out. The other buyers were in the process of contracting their build and discovered the second lot that Jamie had found.They decided they like that lot better than the original lot. Jamie’s clients were becoming discouraged because this would be the second lot to be taken away from them. Jamie pulled the Platt maps of the original lot and showed her clients why their original lot choice was better than the second lot she found.Her client’s fell in love with this lot all over again. Jamie was in contact with the sales rep daily until this lot was secured, ensuring her clients were able to contract out on the lot they wanted.

Learning to adapt in every situation and abiding by the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has made Jamie a successful realtor and the perfect choice for anyone wanting to buy or sell their home.

Realtor, Jamie Lowe

If you or someone you know needs help buying or selling a home in the San Antonio area, please reach out to Jamie at

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20-year veteran and business owner, Mike Shaw, started his career in the United States Air Force. Adapting to the military life came easier for Mike than most. He grew up a very structured individual always charging forward, never accepting the status quo and always pushing the envelope. So, it came as no surprise to his family and friends when Mike started a career as a home management professional. While managing his own home rentals, Mike felt overwhelmed and decided their had to be an easier way that provided more support and direction. Mike also knew he couldn’t be the only one experiencing this type of frustration.


The military provided constant leadership and taught him how to manage people and the importance of high-level strategic planning. Mike found these skills to be essential as a small business owner. After an immense amount of planning, brainstorming with friends and family, Mike created an automated system that significantly reduces the stress of his customer’s home management, by placing these responsibilities on technology. Mike had watched as fellow veterans and others voiced their struggles on social media. Asking for help and trying to manage difficult situations with their rental properties. “Helping them understand and navigate through the challenges of managing their own properties is the best feeling in the world.”


Mike’s company offers an automated way to easily manage all your homes in one place. You can add an unlimited number of homes to your account. When an issue is reported from one of your home.  The system immediately notifies your preferred contractor to address the issue. This system also keeps track of all reported issues and resolutions. Enabling you to print out a detailed record and pictures for each of your homes.


The following are just a couple of the most recent reviews from his customers:


"YourHome Management provides a fantastic home management experience with theiruser-friendly landlord-tenant online interface. Having owned, managed, and contracted management for previous homes, I can confidently say the solution offered by Your Home Management will make for a smooth experience!" MikeF.


"I am incredibly happy with Your Home Management! It's so easy to navigate andlessens the stress of managing multiple properties at once." Brittany B.


Whether in the military or in the civilian world; Mike has always had one constant goal in mind, making people feel valued and cared for. At Your Home Management, LLC.  it is all about the homeowner’s or property manager’s peace of mind. “We value everyone and strive every day to help others and put people first. By employing our services, we give homeowner ‘s and landlord’s back their power.” The power to be as actively involved as they would like in the management of their property. Whether you are a current customer or just looking for information and answers, you can count on Your Home Management, LLC. to put you and your needs first!

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