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How Often to Repair or Replace Roof Shingles?

How often to repair or replace roof shingles

Maintaining the roof shingles of your home must be a priority. The roofing system keeps your home dry and warm. A brand-new roof may seem costly, but at times it becomes crucial to replace it. However, if there are few visible broken shingles, a roofing contractor may fix the damage with a repair.

Any sign of visible damage calls for immediate action. Ignoring even a minor problem may cause the water to penetrate through the roof and cause the rotting of the wood sheet underneath. If such issues are not fixed right away, they may worsen over time and add thousands of dollars to the replacement.

Damage Rotted Decking

If your roof is older than 20 years, then it is most likely time for are placement. If your roof is overall in good condition with just a few visible damages, it's possible it can be repaired. It is not recommended you handle these repairs by yourself, but if you choose to, here are the steps.

Roof Replacing

If a part of your roof's shingles are worn out or missing, then it is likely the whole roof needs to be replaced. Check to see if you have some leftover shingles from the previous install, or contact your roofing company to see if they have some of the extra roof shingles on hand. However, if you cannot find the exact shingle, you will have to buy a bundle of the closest match. A roofing contractor can match shingles for you. Learn more about roof replacement company san antonio


To replace your roof's shingles, you will need a few tools. This will require a hammer, a flat pry bar, a utility knife, and several roofing nails. Initially, a roof shingle is pinned with four nails. When the next shingle course is installed above, you must remember its nails also pass through the top edge of the shingles in the course below.

1) Remove the first row of nails by sliding the pry bar under the shingle.

2) Gently lift it to free it from the sealer strip.The first row of nails will be visible underneath.

3) Slip the pry bar under the damaged shingle and pry upwards. As soon as the nail pops out, remove the pry bar, press the shingle down, and pull out the nail.

4) Repeat the process with the other three nails. Push the pry bar under the shingle directly above the damaged one and remove the second row of nails inthe same way. Once you remove all the nails, gently pull out the damaged shingle.

Removing Shingles
Removing Shingles

Repair Cracked Roof Shingle

If a shingle is simply cracked, it just needs repair.

1) Apply a thick bead of roofing sealant under the roof.

2) Spread the sealant with a putty knife.

3) Wait for sealant to dry

This fix is easy to camouflage. Consider checking the gutter for the accumulation of granules that wash down the roof from shingles. Then gather some granules into a small cup and sprinkle them over the sealant to mask the repair.

Granules In Gutter
Granules In Gutter

Do not try to cut costs on your roofing project. It is the most crucial part of your home that keeps you protected and sheltered from various elements. Replace it if needed and repair minor damages. Thank you for trusting Defense Home & Roofing with your roofing needs, please contact us with any questions. Learn More About How To Spot A Good Roof Installation?

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