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How To Spot A Good Roof Installation?

How to Spot a good Roof Installation

At Defense we work with our clients with integrity and strive for excellence in every project we handle. Our team of veterans is trained to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We aim to walk our clients through the process of installation every step of the way. It is essential to understand what a fully functional roof should look like. Here are a few steps that will help you know how to spot a good roof installation.


1.   Check The Flashing

 The first thing you can check is the flashing. This is the narrow, usually galvanized material of steel installed on roofs to send water away from sensitive areas of the dwelling. The flashing installation is often done near chimneys, skylights,or vents. To spot a bad installation, you will see gaps in the flashing where water can penetrate the roof's underlayment. If this is noticed, the damage will need to be addressed immediately to avoid leaks inside the home.


2. Look for Uniform Appearance 

 The simplest way to check if your roof is installed correctly is a visual inspection. The roof should look uniform in all areas. If you notice areas that look different in color or texture, this should be addressed with your contractor. You can contact your contractor to fix these errors and opt for a partial replacement. Your roof is a major aesthetic factor for your home, and this will ensure a higher property value.


3. Check Shingles for ProperNailings

 A good roofing company will ensure that the shingles are sealed down correctly to avoid any misfortune. If installed correctly, the shingles will not overhang on your roof further than 3/4 inch. If there is a large amount of overhang, the shingles will be subject to being damaged by high winds. If there is not enough overhang, the water will not have a proper path to run off the roof and may result in a leak or rotted wood. An important note is that your contractor must install the roof with adequate nailing's and accurate overhangs.


4. Observe for Rotted Roof Decking

 Rotting wood is always a bad sign when it comes to your home. However, rotting on your roof could be very dangerous. The roof protects you and your home from the various elements, and this should never be ignored. Rotted decking is subject to collapse over time; this may cause serious injury or damages to your property. Regularly inspect your roof for signs of rotting. If you believe youspot rotted wood it would be in your home's best interest to call a contractor to get it taken care of.

Observe for Rotted Roof Decking
Rotted Decking

These are several ways to know if your roof was properly installed. At Defense Home & Roofing, we maintain a high level of training to catch imperfections before they become more significant issues down the road. Our work has a lifetime transferable warranty that we stand behind. Thank you for trusting Defense Home & Roofing with your roofing needs please contact us with any questions. Learn more How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?

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